Episode 5-6 LLM Vector & Long Term Memory Resources

Episode 5-6: Managing Vector Databases & LLM Long Term Memory Here are the LLM Vectors and Long Term Memory Services Mentioned in The Video: Vector Admin: https://vectoradmin.com/https://github.com/Mintplex-Labs/vector-admin/tree/master Vector Store Databases: Chromahttps://www.trychroma.com/https://github.com/chroma-core/chroma Zep (Vector store + Memory) Remember that with Zep you may have to adjust the chunk size when embedding documents. https://www.getzep.com/https://github.com/getzep/zep QDranthttps://qdrant.tech/https://github.com/qdrant/qdrant Long Term Memory Upstashhttps://upstash.com/ […]

Working With Memory for LLM Chat Agents

Multi Prompt Chains allow you to create complex interactions inside of Flowise. Mastering Prompt Chaining for Advanced AI Applications Introduction: Prompt chaining is a powerful technique that allows developers to harness the capabilities of multiple language models and chains to create sophisticated AI-driven applications. This article explores the key concepts and steps involved in prompt […]

Prompt Chaining 101: Mastering Prompt Chaining for Advanced AI Applications

Now that you’ve connected Flowise to your preferred LLM and created a handful of straightforward chatflows, what’s next? If you want to create more sophisticated and advanced AI applications, Multi-Prompt chains are the way to go. Multi Prompt Chains allow you to create complex interactions that combine several chains and AI models to produce a […]

How to Setup LLM Analytics and Monitoring to Enhance Your AI Chatflows

If you’ve ever wondered how you can improve your AI applications and see what’s going on under the hood of your LLM’s then you need to have a good LLM analytics and monitoring platform . At this point Large Language Models (LLMs) have gotten really good at predictive text generation and answering questions based on […]

Episode 3-4 Mistral Medium & 8x7B Resources

Episode 3-4: Mistral Medium and 8X7B Review Here are some resources used for the Mistral Medium and 8X7B reviewMistral Website: https://mistral.ai/Together AI: https://www.together.ai/OpenRouterAI: https://openrouter.ai/Flowise: https://flowiseai.com/                        

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