Episode 5-6 LLM Vector & Long Term Memory Resources

Episode 5-6: Managing Vector Databases & LLM Long Term Memory Here are the LLM Vectors and Long Term Memory Services Mentioned in The Video: Vector Admin: https://vectoradmin.com/https://github.com/Mintplex-Labs/vector-admin/tree/master Vector Store Databases: Chromahttps://www.trychroma.com/https://github.com/chroma-core/chroma Zep (Vector store + Memory) Remember that with Zep you may have to adjust the chunk size when embedding documents. https://www.getzep.com/https://github.com/getzep/zep QDranthttps://qdrant.tech/https://github.com/qdrant/qdrant Long Term Memory Upstashhttps://upstash.com/ […]

Episode 3-4 Mistral Medium & 8x7B Resources

Episode 3-4: Mistral Medium and 8X7B Review Here are some resources used for the Mistral Medium and 8X7B reviewMistral Website: https://mistral.ai/Together AI: https://www.together.ai/OpenRouterAI: https://openrouter.ai/Flowise: https://flowiseai.com/                        

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